If you want to… 

Continue your lifestyle wellness journey 

Continue with medical oversight of your health issues, lab results and imaging 

Dr. Sarah Speck and the staff at Speck Health and POTENTRx are ready to carry-on the Arivale tradition.

For those of you who would like to work directly with a lifestyle medicine physician and coaches, Speck Health PS has a Seattle-based special membership option for Arivale clients with Dr. Sarah M. Speck, the medical consultant to Arivale since its inception. Speck Health started in 2013 as an extension of Dr. Speck’s 25-year practice of preventive cardiology. Using a data-centric precision approach, Speck Health compiles a personal health portfolio assembled from medical data including: 

  • Advanced lipid profiles 

  • Genomic testing 

  • Blood analytes 

  • Noninvasive vascular imaging (CIMT, PAD) 

  • Physical assessments (VO2 max, RMR, BMI, BP, % Body fat, W/H ratio) 

  • Determining your goal-directed exercise heart rate through an innovative step test 

Using these data your health action plan coaching will be: 

  • Personalized to your needs and interaction style  

  • Tracked for continuity and consistency   

  • Scheduled collaboratively with you   

In many cases you can use your insurance to offset the cost for labs and medical consultative services.  Our clinical staff includes specialists in cardiology, internal medicine, and nursing as well as dieticians, exercise physiologists and lifestyle coaches. Speck Health will formulate and support your personalized nutrition and exercise action plan to promote optimum wellness and prevent, mitigate or cope with chronic illness.  

Please contact our Arivale liaison,  Ms. Mackenzie Bannister, exercise physiologist with any questions or to schedule a “meet and greet” appointment to discuss your wellness plan. We look forward to hearing from you. 


 Sarah M Speck MD MPH FACC