POTENTRx and Dr. Speck’s practice is a dynamite combination!

“With its focus on providing optimal exercise regimens for living healthfully. Of great value to me is learning that I don’t need to engage in extreme sports to get maximum benefit. The heart rate that burns fat most efficiently for me, as determined by POTENTRx measurements, is not as high as I would have thought. Working with Cali has been a delight. She has been inventive in customizing exercise regimens for both home and travel.”

— Lesley N.

Dr. Speck and Potentrx are first class health practitioners.

“Dr. Speck is a brilliant physician AND a caring, kind person, who genuinely cares about you and your health. She and the team at Potentrx are able to work with you to identify what will work for you as an individual. The fitness assessment was very useful and I learned some things that were absolutely not obvious to me even though I have done extensive reading.  I can't recommend them highly enough.”

— K.M.

“Potentrx has helped me make major changes in my fitness, diet, and attitudes about my health. Dr. Speck has guided my cardio care and answers all my questions in detail. I have also received helpful guidance from the nutritionist and exercise physiologists, with many positive results in the past year.”

— J.F.

The staff at POTENTRX treats me like royalty.

What can I say ? From the first visit onward, the staff at POTENTRX treats me like royalty. I have never experienced this kind of service in all my 64 years of living.I was told by my previous cardiologist that I needed triple bypass surgery. I  questioned this and went online and found Dr. Speck in May 2016. Since then, no surgery, meds have been reduced or eliminated, lost 65 lbs. eating healthy and exercise. Thanks to Dr. Speck and her team, I'm on the road to recovery

— Steve H.

Now I really understand the importance - absolute necessity, of daily exercise and changing your diet.

“After experiencing a 2nd chance at life I embraced a new regime lead by Dr Speck and POTENTRx I was indeed fortunate to be saved by Seattle’s finest paramedics and Harbor View/UW ER after a few heart shocks.

Now I really understand the importance - absolute necessity, of daily exercise and changing your diet. I have had way more success on the former vs the latter. Thanks to POTENTRx testing and Dr Spec and staff consultation to establish my optimum level of exercise performance and helping me better understand this cardio physiology.

I like your ease of access/parking as well as your proximity to my other health care providers at Swedish and Polyclinic. Your PT and exercise equipment and your staff are the best!”

Scott S.