Our Team

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Sarah Speck, MD, MPH, CEO

Cardiologist and Internist

Dr. Speck has practiced cardiology and internal medicine in the greater Seattle area for over 20 years. She is the medical director of the cardiac wellness and rehabilitation programs at the Swedish Heart and Vascular Institute in Seattle. She graduated from the University of Illinois with a combined MD MPH (Masters Degree in Public Health) and did her post graduate medical training at the University of Washington Hospitals. She has always believed that preventing illness is the best approach to managing health and maintaining vitality at whatever stage of life. She has served as the Medical Director for the Dean Ornish Program for reversing heart disease and strongly supports the role of exercise and nutrition in preventing and reversing disease. In 2009, she co-founded POTENTRx, a medical fitness company, to offer patients a medically-supervised lifestyle approach to their health. She is an expert spokesperson for the Seattle community and educator for fellow professionals in illness prevention, disease-reversal and disease –management techniques. She believes that partnering with her patients offers the best possible avenue to improving and maintaining their health.


Dan G. Tripps, PhD, COO

Director of Exercise Science


Dan G. Tripps recently concluded his academic career, leaving the position as Director of the Center for the Study of Sport & Exercise at Seattle University.  Dr. Tripps has been a coach for world-class swimmers and triathletes, President and Executive Director of the 1984 Olympic Scientific Congress held in conjunction with the Los Angeles Olympic Games, and U.S. representative to UNESCO’s Sport For All project to bring sport science to the developing world.  Dr. Tripps has appeared on several History Channel and Discovery Channel television programs, written dozens of professional articles, addressed numerous conferences, and serves as a consultant to sport, medicine, education, and private agencies on topics related to achievement and human performance.  He has served as editor for ten books on the subject of human performance, and authored two of his own books, The Heart of Success: Conversations with Notable Achievers (BainBridgeBooks, 2001) and In Search of Greatness: Attributes of Achievement and Lessons for Life (Town Books, 2002), which discuss the results of his interviews with several hundred of America’s most accomplished individuals.


Jennifer Aglubat, PT

Physical Therapist

Jennifer Aglubat is a physical therapist and Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist with extensive practice in biomechanical assessment, evaluation, and treatment of movement dysfunction, and development of customized treatment programs based on best practices. Jennifer graduated from the University of California, Davis with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Biology, and from Mount St. Mary’s University with her doctoral degree in Physical Therapy. During her time at Mount St. Mary’s, Jennifer served as a graduate teaching assistant for anatomy curriculum and was a founding member of the university’s student-run pro bono physical therapy clinic. She has worked with Division 1 Athletic Programs, to include traveling with collegiate football, basketball, and soccer teams for on-field injury management and rehabilitation, as well as professional athletes and dancers. Additionally, Jennifer is a member of the multidisciplinary Seattle Pediatric Sports Medicine Group and serves on a task force aimed at developing an ACL Injury prevention program for youth athletes. She has contributed to the physical therapy profession by serving as an item writer for the National Physical Therapy Exam and is a credentialed clinical instructor for physical therapy students. In addition to her work with POTENTRx, Jennifer currently practices in an outpatient orthopedic and sports clinic with an emphasis on post-operative rehabilitation, return to sports testing, biomechanical analysis, and development of functional strengthening programs.

Beverly Pressey1.jpg

Beverly Pressey, MS, RD


Beverly loves food and loves helping others discover ways to enjoy their lifestyle and food choices while maintaining a healthy weight and diet. She understands the personal nature of food choices and is adept at exploring this relationship and helping people make healthy and nutritious choices that are both manageable and realistic. Having completed nutrition education at Bastyr University and the University of Washington, she has a broad understanding of both alternative and traditional approaches to diet. Over the past 20 years she has provided nutritional counseling, been invited to address numerous groups, provided continuing education for teachers, taught college level classes and presented at conferences. Beverly is an expert contributor to over 15 websites and is the author of “Simple and Savvy Strategies for Creating Healthy Eaters.”


Terry Evenson

Registered Nurse

Terry has been an RN since 1985. She has worked in various areas until she realized that cardiology was her passion. Most of her nursing history is in Montana but she did do some traveling nursing. She moved here three years ago and considers herself to be very lucky to work with Dr. Speck and all the staff. They all are so kind, knowledgeable and very good with clients. She loves NCIS (esp.Ziva), and Suits. Her favorite choice in music is classical jazz. She is married with four children, all grown (only one redhead!).


Steve Dugas

Office Manager

Steve has worked in the medical field for over 15 years. Five years with local hospitals helping patients who did not have insurance when seen, get coverage to pay for bills. Eight years with HealthPoint a community clinic and two years with the Foot and Ankle Center of Washington. He started working at the age of 16 at a grocery store and worked his way through a variety of jobs over the years. With years of customer service behind him he came onto the team as the Office Manager.


Mackenzie Bannister, B.S.

Exercise Physiologist


Mackenzie graduated from Seattle University, where she studied Sports and Exercise and medical school prerequisites. Mackenzie is very passionate about incorporating the benefits of physical activity into the healthcare field and whenever possible loves to discuss and explore the benefits that exercise can bring to one’s health. Mackenzie plans to be climbing mountains to a ripe old age and is passionate about helping others to do the same through preventative care.

Zac Downey (2).jpg

Zac Downey, B.S.

Exercise Physiologist


Zac graduated from Seattle University with a B.S. in Sport and Exercise Science. Zac is passionate about helping improve awareness of the benefits of preventative healthcare, and is particularly interested in human movement. In his free time, Zac enjoys playing soccer and hopes to continue for many years to come.


Conner McCraw, M.S., CEP

Exercise Physiologist


Conner is an Exercise Physiologist at PotentRx who enjoys leading and sharing an active lifestyle with others. Recently graduated from Appalachian State University (ASU) with a M.S. in Exercise Science, Conner was deeply involved with research in the Vascular Biology and Autonomic Studies Laboratory and the Human Performance Laboratory at ASU. He is a certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist by the American College of Sports Medicine and aims to bolster the use of exercise as medicine in healthcare. In his spare time, he enjoys mountain biking and spending time outdoors.