Executive Health Assessment

You’re busy, your job demands your very best. The POTENTRx Executive Health assessment is designed to keep you performing at your peak. We bring our experience and scientific expertise and focus on you and your needs.

Our program begins with a thorough review of your health concerns and a comprehensive medical examination personally conducted by our medical director, Dr. Sarah Speck. Your individualized fitness assessment is reviewed by our performance director, Dan Tripps, PhD to develop a plan to provocatively address the demands of your job and your health concerns. Because we realize your time is valuable, your private consultation with Dr. Speck and Dr. Tripps at the end of your appointment will summarize our findings and discuss our recommendations for getting you to your next goal.



    • Body Metrics

    • Body Composition

    • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

    • Spirometry (Lung Function)

    • Resting Electrocardiography (ECG)

    • Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (VO2max & ECG monitored)

    • Functional Movement Screening


    • Comprehensive medical history review and physical exam

    • Advanced blood laboratory profile

    • Specialized blood lipid testing

    • Genomic testing

    • Gender-specific testing

    • Non-invasive imaging (CIMT)


    • After submitting your 3-day food log, our nutritionist will review your food log with you, discuss your food preferences and eating habits and establish goals with you. At your follow-up, you will be presented with nutritional recommendations.


    • The consultation presents the results of the assessment, offers health and fitness training recommendations and any needed referrals for additional medical diagnostic testing or health and fitness interventions.