Personalized Health Assessment

Do you want to reduce your cholesterol, manage your blood pressure, or decrease your medication? Do you struggle with your weight? Are you recovering from or trying to prevent an exercise related injury? Or are you trying to reach a new milestone in your training regimen? Do you want help to become a healthier you?

Health research has shown that making lifestyle change is more successful if you have professional support along the way. Our Personalized Health Assessment helps each person begin and continue to engage in lifestyle choices designed to reach individual and targeted goals.

The Personalized Health Assessment is composed of two appointments: a comprehensive physiological assessment and a follow-up. At your first appointment, you will discuss your health and wellness goals with an Exercise Physiologist and work with them to complete the assessment. Our mission at POTENTRx is to listen to what your goals are and to create a plan from the data produced at your assessment that directly targets your goal and helps you achieve it. We call this an Exercise Prescription (ExRx). Not only do we want to help you achieve your goals, but we want to help you find a sustainable and enjoyable way to do it! At your follow-up visit, your Exercise Physiologist will explain your results, answer your questions, and make sure that you understand and can safely perform your exercise plan. These results include your optimal heart rate zones for utilizing fat versus carbohydrates, metabolic recommendations, and a strength program.

Assessment Overview:

Initial Appointment (2 hours):

  • Consultation:

    • With your exercise physiologist, you will explore current and future lifestyle goals.

  • Assessment:

    • The testing includes, but is not limited to the following measures:

      • Resting Metabolic Rate

      • Body Metrics

      • Body Composition

      • Cellular Health

      • Resting ECG

      • ECG Monitored Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test

      • Functional Movement Screening

      • Spirometry (Lung Function)

Follow-Up Appointment (1 hour):

  • Discussion:

    • Your Exercise Physiologist will present and explain the results from your assessment and provide and exercise and metabolic prescription with recommendations for injury prevention and training. Opportunities for personal training, lifestyle coaching, and nutritional counseling are available at an additional cost. For more information feel free to ask your Exercise Physiologist at your appointment or give us a call.


  • Your Exercise Physiologist will check in with you 2 weeks after your follow-up appointment to answer any questions you may have concerning your progress or goals and assist you with making any needed modifications to your current exercise prescription.