Build a supportive partnership with POTENTRx health coaches to help you find the motivation to make changes in the areas of your life that need to change. Our coaches bridge the gap between medical and health recommendations and your life, helping you successfully implement healthy behavior changes. Our coaches collect a wealth of data from activity monitors (Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.), nutrition logs, and self-reporting to help guide you to your fullest potential.  

We identify the root cause of the issues that stand in the way of reaching health goals instead of simply focusing on the behavioral outcomes. Beyond diet and exercise, we dive deeper and consider all aspects of your physical and mental well-being. 

Every week, your program will focus on a different area of wellness through education and actionable lifestyle changes, providing you with the tools for a lifetime of health and disease prevention. You will focus on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, from sleep and stress, to diet and exercise, and more in order to optimize your health. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone your body, decrease your cholesterol, train for an event or reduce your stress, our team has a wide range of professional expertise to help you achieve your goals. 

We have three different tiers of coaching based off your preferred method of coaching, in person versus remote, and the level of interaction you desire. Priced per session you can decide how much or how little accountability you need to keep you on track.  

  • Connected Health Monitoring  

    • Do you have activity monitor or food logs they you want regularly reviewed and feedback provided? 

    • Interacting with your data, of our coaches will provide feedback and instruction on areas of improvement whether this be diet, exercise, or nutrition. 

  • Remote Coaching-Phone call  

    • Looking for a more personalized coaching experience? Our coaches schedule calls that work with your schedule.  

    • Connected Health Monitoring is included in remote coaching, conversations will be driven by from data from your activity monitors or food logs.  

  • In-Person Lifestyle Coaching  

    • Receive the benefits of more data, each appointment includes vitals(resting BP and heart rate), body measurements (bicep, waist, hip, thigh), and body composition (body fat and muscle mass). 

    • In person check-ins provides the most accountability and data driven approach.