Have you ever wondered what “reduced fat” or “light” really means? What is truly organic? What should you pay attention to when reading a nutrition label? Do artificial sweeteners actually help you lose weight? Should I eat before a workout?

At POTENTRx, our certified, licensed nutritionists can answer these questions for you, and assist you with food choices that support your medical needs, as well as your exercise and lifestyle activities. In a one-hour consultation, we identify your baseline nutritional status, dietary calorie and nutrient levels, and how your lifestyle influences your food choices. Our nutritionists will counsel you regarding supplements, food allergies, meal planning, shopping, eating out, and managing your weight by developing a healthy dietary pattern.

Our goal is to help you find more foods that you can eat, not to tell you what you can’t eat. Our nutritionist will help you structure your diet so that you can keep eating the things that you love. The focus of the nutritional consultation is to address you dietary needs, as well as help you be well-informed about what you are eating and how much you should eat. Our nutritionist will help you keep up with the latest nutrition and dietary news.

At POTENTRx, we offer a multidisciplinary approach to your health and fitness. Our doctor, Dr. Sarah M. Speck, and exercise physiologists communicate with the nutritionist to create a cohesive plan for improving your wellness.